The healthy pleasure

Llagurt is the name of an original and innovative proposal within the framework of the restoration service, specializing in making and selling artisan frozen yogurt and natural yogurt. Llagurt is characterized by its taste and its low fat content, and it is presented as an alternative to ice cream products. Llagurt is in line with the traditional culture of the health that currently prevails in our society.


Llagurt is the leader to catalan level with a differential concept of high quality product and healthy, and promoted much more the proximity, Km0, Catalan land and ecology


The values that made up Llagurt are objectivity in their decisions and projects, efficiency in the performance of the challenges and total transparency. Believes in commitment in the work and with the customer, the social responsibility and honesty .


Llagurt used as a basis the traditional recipe of fresh llagurt, natural, creamy and environmentally. It is a good source of protein, calcium and vitamins B2, A and D.


The mission of Llagurt is to cover a large broad customer segment and territory in order to improve the comfort of the user and offer them an attractive, fun, different and unique experience enjoying premium llagurt.